Longmire to End with Season 6

  Netflix is a real life saver when it comes to decent shows suffering from lack of ratings for some very diverse number of reasons. One of those shows was Longmire a modern day Western drama in which Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff starred. The show was canceled after its third season by A&E and then [...]

Jai Courtney Joins Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Australian actor Jai Courtney is doing well for himself lately with catching roles in big movies. He recently played Captain Boomerang in the latest hit of the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad and before that he appeared in Die Hard and Terminator franchises. He also appeared in Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise in 2012 and [...]

Juliana Harkavy Joins Arrow

A change for Arrow was way overdue since the show has been losing audience for a long long time now. The fall started with season 3 and peaked with season 4 not being able to provide a bad enough villain and many other factors. That being said, things seem to be going better with season 5 [...]

“Heroes for Hire Will Probably Happen on Luke Cage” Mike Colter Says

Marvel Cinematic Universe started in 2008 with the release of Iron Man and has been expanding at full speed since then with the latest big step being taken towards the small screen. The company collaborated with Netflix and reached an agreement for 4 different shows for starters. That proved to be very profitable for both sides as Daredevil, [...]

The Good Wife Spin-off Adds Two Important Names to the Cast

  It has been reported by Deadline that The Good Wife spin-off TV series just added two important names to its cast. Bernadette Peters and Paul Gilfoyle will be starring in the upcoming series to air on CBS All Access in 2017. These two important actors will be playing Henry and Lenore, Maia's (Rose Leslie) parents. [...]

Flash to Meet His Biggest Enemy, Savitar in the 3rd Season

The Flash's third season was one of the most anticipated TV series of the fall. It did not turn out to be that great, however. That is my opinion of course. The third season opened with a bang that we call Flashpoint and things got messy real quick for Barry Allen. Although he tries to fix [...]

American Horror Story to Have a Coven/Murder House Crossover Season

The fans of American Horror Story have been expecting a crossover between seasons/storylines for a long time now and it was thought tha this sixth season would be delivering those crossover events. Turns out it was not planned to be so. Season 6 is all about the story and myths surrounding Roanoke. Good news is the [...]

“Westworld’s Renewal Is Almost a Sure Thing” Says HBO President

After having too many problems to be actually brought into existence, Westworld finally found its way onto our TV screens and became one of the most watched TV series of the fall season. The series focus on a theme park filled with AI robots that are finely crafted to suit every need of the visitors. [...]

Jim Gaffigan Joins Fargo

FX is becoming the king network of anthologies with the likes of Fargo, American Horror Story and American Crime Story thanks in part to producer and showrunner Ryan Murphy. All these shows have a bright future with the network and Fargo is about to start filming for the third season. Casting news have been coming and [...]

Eddie Thawne Might Return to The Flash

It has been  a long time since we saw Eddie Thawne die, or to be exact, sacrifice himself in the finale of The Flash's first season. He killed himself knowing that would also end Reverse Flash's existence as he was his descendant. Since that moment, the fans have been kind of wanting him to return or at least discussing [...]

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Set Photos Reveal Another Meeting

Game of Thrones season 7 has been being filmed for a while now and we did what we could to bring you the news about possible events to occur in the upcoming season - which will air in summer 2017. There has been much silence to keep everything secret and that, of course, meant the scenes of [...]

Sherlock Season 4 Has a Premiere Date

Although he has been under the spotlight for the movies he has been doing recently such as Marvel's Doctor Strange, what gave Benedict Cumberbatch the boost he needed for his career was acting as Sherlock Holmes in the modern-day TV adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's literary work. Accompanied by Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, Cunberbatch won [...]

The Walking Dead Premiere Hit the Second Highest Rating for the Series

It was such a long and excruciating wait for The Walking Dead fans since Negan bashed the skull of a member of Rick's group and shocked everyone. During the summer, although there were many petitions and rants by the fans, AMC did not reveal who was killed during the final scene of season 6. That was [...]

The Punisher TV Series Added Five More Members to the Cast

Since the news were reported that Marvel was making a Punisher solo TV series, the fans have been going crazy over the idea. There were not that many news, though, to say the least. Right now it is in production, and more news are coming day by day. Deborah Ann Woll will reprise her role [...]

Jason Momoa’s New Show Already Renewed for a Second Season

The last few years have been really nice on Jason Momoa's career. With apperaing on Game of Thrones as the magnificent Dothraki Khal, Khal Drogo after having decent performance on TV series before such as Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa became a well-sought actor for Hollywood and TV world alike. He grabbed the role for Aquaman in [...]