Flash to Meet His Biggest Enemy, Savitar in the 3rd Season

The Flash’s third season was one of the most anticipated TV series of the fall. It did not turn out to be that great, however. That is my opinion of course.

The third season opened with a bang that we call Flashpoint and things got messy real quick for Barry Allen. Although he tries to fix them one by one, he simply will not be able to do so, not as well as before. At least that is what Greg Berlanti implied.

Third season will be the scene for the clash between Flash and Savitar, a villain created by Oscar Jimenez and Mark Waid in 1995.

During EW’s PopFest event, Grant Gustin and Greg Berlanti answered some questions about the series and Greg Berlanti said about Savitar “He’s the God of motion, so Flash is up against his biggest foe yet.” Here is what Berlanti said about Savitar:

I’m not sure that we can [return to the original timeline], given what we’ve established. If we’re not challenging ourselves and creating new territory and new obstacles for the characters, I think it’s less rewarding to watch and probably less rewarding to play. We like to grow ourselves and grow our characters.