Denie O’Hare Joins This is Us

It has been reported by Entertainment Weekly that Denis O’Hare will be joining the cast of This is Us for a subsequent part of this season.

You might know Denis O’Hare from True Blood, as the vampire who tore out the spine of a newscaster, namely Russell Edgington. He also played many roles for the anthology series American Horror Story.

This time O’hare might be playing a more serious role and according to the news his character Jessie will be a friend of Wilian, Ron Cephales Jones’ character.

In what many viewers assume was a flash-forward, William’s death was recently hinted at on the show, but given the way the timeline twists and shifts throughout the series’ narrative, the how and when of his demise are still unresolved, and how or if O’Hare’s character is involved with William’s passing can only be speculated.

(SPOILERS) William’s death  was hinted on the show and it was done in a flash-forward. No details have been revealed yet, though, O’Hare’s character might be a part of that storyline.

O’Hare will be joining a long list of famous actors who guest stars in the TV series such as Gerald McRaney, Katy Sagal, Brad Garrett and Janet Montgomery.