The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Recap (SPOILERS)

Fair warning: this post includes MAJOR SPOILERS about season 6’s ending and season 7 premiere.

It has been an excruciatingly painful wait for The Walking Dead fans since season 6 ended with a real cliffhanger. That made the series one of the most anticipated, actually the most anticipated TV series of the fall season. What Negan did, more accurately who Negan killed was the biggest question  that no one wants answered.

Who did Negan Kill? (SPOILER ALERT AGAIN)

There were a boatload of theories about who Negan could have killed. Some of them were based on the comic book storyline (for the uninformed the Walking Dead is adapted from a comic book series) while some were suggesting that the charactersw who were included to the comic book characters might be leaving us.

In the end, the comic books’ storyline it was. But with a little bit of twist. In the comic books, Negan killed Glenn bashing his skull with his barbed wire bat he named Lucille and when Negan got his first victim everyone was sad but also relieved. That was because Negan chose Abraham (the ginger hunk) as his victim and even comic book fans might have thought “That is not out of the line, not that much at least” since in the comic books, Abraham died earlier; he died instead of Denise by getting an arrow in the eye. So, when everything was considered Abraham could have gone instead of Glenn. That simply was not the case.

Adding even more cruelty and gore to the premiere, the script took Negan to kill Glenn in addition to Abraham. While Negan was carrying on his glorious speech after killing Abraham, Daryl stood up and landed a punch on his face which made things even messier. Negan punished the group and Daryl by killing Glenn brutally right in front of Maggie.

Now, that, with Glenn’s last words to Maggie “Maggie, I will find you” was as heartbreaking as it gets. We might pretty easily say that this was one of the most emotional scenes in the show for a long time if not the most emotional one.

What will Rick and the group do? Will Rick kill Negan? 

The group is devastated with its losses and although, Maggie seems determined to get revenge for Glenn, it simply is not easy. The group will follow Negan’s orders and become his servants while silently plotting revenge. At this point, although we know what happens in the TV series, we prefer to not give spoilers about the future episodes of season 7.

All in all, The Walking Dead almost never ceases to amaze the fans – although, sometimes some episodes are made way too dull in the name of story telling and revealing the background stories of the characters. This episode titled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” definitely marks a breaking point for the whole story as it was an eye-opening in the general sense and will have an ever-lasting effect on all the characters in Rick’s group.

Not killing Rick might be a big mistake on Negan’s part. Moreover, the group has more than one character that might stand up to be the leader. Maggie might take on the mantle but whatever happens, no one will be the same again and what little naivete the characters had, it is lost forever.

With the aftermath of the premiere, now, a new chapter begins in the story and surely it will be the most interesting part of the whole storyline up to now as, this time, the brutal nature of human beings really hit home. Follow us on social media to read more recaps and news about the Walking Dead.