Tracy Morgan Returns to TV with a Comedy After Near-Fatal Accident

Great news for Tracy Morgan fans out there. The comedian will return to TBS with a new comedy series after the car accident he had.

The new series will be the first full time gig Tracy Morgan will have after the near-fatla accident. Tracy Morgan will play an ex-con who has been in the prison for 15 years. The lead character, Tracy, will be released from prison only to find his ex-girlfriend married to a white dude and that he has two twin boys the existence of whom he never knew. He will be completely broke and will start to use the skills he learned in prison to make a living.

Jordan Peele (Key & Peele) and John Carcieri (Vice Principals) created the TV show while Morgan acted as an executive producer. The series was originally planned to be picked up by FX but it landed at TBS.

Mrogan has been recovering from the trauma of the accident during which he lost his friend, Jimmy McNair. He hosted Saturday Night Live, appeared at the Emmys and even got married.

There  is no release date announced for the premiere of Morgan’s new TV show yet.