Jason Momoa’s New Show Already Renewed for a Second Season

The last few years have been really nice on Jason Momoa’s career. With apperaing on Game of Thrones as the magnificent Dothraki Khal, Khal Drogo after having decent performance on TV series before such as Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa became a well-sought actor for Hollywood and TV world alike. He grabbed the role for Aquaman in DC Extended Universe to act in Justice League movie and to have a solo Aquaman movie (for now).

However, that is not the only place we will see him. Momoa will be the lead in the new Netflix TV series Frontier produced by Discovery Canada. The series’ first season will start airing on Discover Canada in November. Frontier is about the control of fur trade in North America during the 18th century.


It turns out Netflix trusts Jason Momoa’s performance as the lead character Declan Harp that it already bough more than one season. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix renewed the series for another season before it even premiere on November 6.

Here’s what Discovery Canada vice president and GM Ken MacDonald said for the new series:

“As we started to see this cinematic, well-cast and meticulously produced series come to life as we’d dared imagine for season 1, we knew we’d created a uniquely immersive world and story that begged for expansion to a second season. … Our decision to begin filming another six episodes before the series’ world premiere is a testament to our confidence in Frontier’s world-class storytelling.”