Uncharted Movie Fast Tracked by Sony

Uncharted is surely one of those games which brought Play Station where it is today. With huge success over all the games in the series, it was a Play Station legend. That made it impossible to not to talk about a possible movie adaptation of course. With an Indiana Jones kind of feeling, the game is already a good fit to be adapted into an adventure movie.

The movie has been being developed for a long time now with different directors attached to it. David O. Russell and  Seth Gordon were among them. Later, it was set to be released in June 2017 but that became history also. Now, it seems to have overcome that problem though.

The Night at the Museum series’ director, Shawn Levy will be the director for Uncharted movie to be produced by Sony Pictures and there is more. The movie is put on fast-track by Sony. For the uninformed Levy also directed movies ilke Date Night, The Internship and This is Where I Leave You, not to mention he is acting as one of the executive producers for the new hit of Netflix, Stranger Things.