Legends of Tomorrow Second Season Extended

The CW did not lose so much time in populating the network with more superhero TV series once it realized the potential thanks to the success of Arrow and The Flash. Legends of Tomorrow, a TV series focused on a time travelling team of heroes was one of the projects and it is now having its second season on The CW.

We can clearly say that Legends is finally settling in and finding its place in the viewers minds especially after the changes the show underwent this season. As some of you might know, team of heroes changed a bit  this season with Captain Hunter going missing and Vixen joining the team even if it is temporary. The best thing so far though is the addition of Citizen Steel. The guy just added a lot of positivity and gun to the show.

We’ve got some more good news for Legends fans as we just heard that The CW extended the second season by 4 more episodes. So, instead of its original order of 13 episodes now the second season will be 17 episodes long. I personally have no objection against that.