The Flash to Reveal Alchemy’s Identity Soon

The Flash's 3rd season started fast with the effect of Flashpoint Paradox created by Barry Allen going back in time and saving his mother. Then he went back again and made Reverse Flash kill his mother again, this time to fix things. He could not save the original order of things though. As a result, [...]

Flash to Meet His Biggest Enemy, Savitar in the 3rd Season

The Flash's third season was one of the most anticipated TV series of the fall. It did not turn out to be that great, however. That is my opinion of course. The third season opened with a bang that we call Flashpoint and things got messy real quick for Barry Allen. Although he tries to fix [...]

Eddie Thawne Might Return to The Flash

It has been  a long time since we saw Eddie Thawne die, or to be exact, sacrifice himself in the finale of The Flash's first season. He killed himself knowing that would also end Reverse Flash's existence as he was his descendant. Since that moment, the fans have been kind of wanting him to return or at least discussing [...]

Dr. Alchemy and The Flash 3-Episode Season 3 Recap

This week in The Flash, we saw Dr. Alchemy activating another meta-human, Frankie Kane, a teenager with a dissociative personality as Magenta, a meta-human who has magnetic powers. It was a pretty average episode for the fans who have seen the Flash in its best days - which are way in the past if you ask me. Let us dive right into it, the [...]

Captain Cold Returns to The Flash

The Flash started strong to its 3rd season with the explanation of the Flashpoint and its aftermath with Barry Allen returning everything to almost normal. After that Dr. Alchemy, a villain who is restoring the powers of meta-humans in the Flashpoint timeline, emerged. These two weeks Magenta and Rival were the villains brought back to [...]

The New Clip Reveals Details about The Flash Season 3

It has been almost five months since we left The Flash and Barry Allen with that cliffhanger scene in the second season finale. Things will be way different for Barry and everyeone around him now that he went back in time and changed the timeline. 'Flashpoint' adaptation will surely be a brave move on The CW's side. Can [...]

Here is the Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow Crossover Villain!

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment just broke the news about the reason why the superheroes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow will have to get together. It is an alien invasion, to be more exact the alien race The Dominators in the DC Comics. The crossover is named after the actual comic book crossover [...]

Patty Spivot Might Return to the Flash

With Barry Allen creating another timeline "Flashpoint", things will be really interesting in season 3 of The Flash. There is another sure bet about the season that we will see many familir faces although probably in some different way or position. The newest poster is teasing “New Destinies. New Dangers,” which only indicates the limitless possibilities that Barry Allen [...]

Flashpoint’s Effects May Be Stronger on the Flash

 The Flash  is finally returning. The torture will end on October 4th. The second season ended with a great episode in which Barry Alen and his friends defeated zoom but also Barry lost his father. This is what will trigger the Flashpoint, the storyline of the 3rd season.  As all the fans will remember Barry Allen did something really [...]

The CW DC TV Crosssover Will Take 3 hours

After Supergirl's move to The CW, the network has a total number of 4 DC Comics TV shows in its hands and as you may already know, these show will have a huge crossover. All of these shows are filmed in Vancouver and they are created for the same TV network, so there are endless number [...]

More News About The Flash – Power is the New Season’s Theme

The Flash is going to undergo a huge expansion in season 3. Barry Allen will try to fight against new villains and deal with Flashpoint  at the same time. What might happen to Barry when he returns from the alternate timeline is a big question mark. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg just made the following statement to EW [...]

The Flash: Flashpoint Will Change the Whole TV Show

As the premiere date of the Flash's season 3 gets closer, the fans around the world are getting more and more excited and anxious about the show and what the 3rd season will look like. As you well know, in the 2nd season's finale Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother only to find out [...]

The Flash: Violett Beane Spotted in Costume as Jesse Quick?

Violett Beane's existence as Jesse Wells in the Flash has been a subject of speculation since the first time we saw her on the show and there is only one reason for that; she might be turning into another speedster, namely Jesse Quick! What we have seen so far was vague. Jesse spent some time [...]

The Flash Season 3 Casting Continues

A new villain just joined the Flash!  Barry Allen will fight another evil speedster in the 3rd season and that speedster is the Rival. The Rival will first appear in the Flash's 3rd season premiere and will be played by Todd Lassance, the Australian actor known with his role in the Vampire Diaries as Julian. Who is [...]