The New Clip Reveals Details about The Flash Season 3

It has been almost five months since we left The Flash and Barry Allen with that cliffhanger scene in the second season finale. Things will be way different for Barry and everyeone around him now that he went back in time and changed the timeline. ‘Flashpoint’ adaptation will surely be a brave move on The CW’s side. Can they handle it well? Time will tell.

Preventing Reverse Flash from killing his mother is what will trigger the events that will cause the Flashpoint paradox and that, of course, means more Reverse Flash.

The latest clip regarding the new season that will start tomorrow reveals that Barry incapacitates and holds Reverse Flash in some kind of a containment chamber like the ones in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Although the clip does not show much about the storyline it is clear that things will be way different than they were. Both of Barry Allen’s parents will be alive since they will not be killed by Reverse Flash and Zoom. Cisco will be the Richest Man in Central City and Wally West will be the Flash while Iris will be a total stranger to Barry. It is only one day away, the premiere, fingers crossed for Barry Allen and the Flashpoint paradox !