The Flash: Violett Beane Spotted in Costume as Jesse Quick?

Violett Beane‘s existence as Jesse Wells in the Flash has been a subject of speculation since the first time we saw her on the show and there is only one reason for that; she might be turning into another speedster, namely Jesse Quick!

What we have seen so far was vague. Jesse spent some time in captivity of Zoom in Earth-2 and then living a usual life in Earth-1. She even was in a coma but came back from it without any sign of superpowers.

Recently, it was announced that Beane will return to the Flash for its third season without any details on her role. For the uninformed, Jesse Quick inherits her powers as a superhero from her parents in the comic books. Now, hold tight as there are some news about the extent of her role.

The fans following the latest news about the Flash castings might know about the twitter user Canadagraphs. He/she just said he/she met Violett Beane on the set and she was in costume when he/she met her.

Now, he/she did not post any pics this time but stated that Beane had red pants matching the ones of Barry Allen’s Flash when a fan posted  Jesse Quick’s comic book pictures and asked her if she looked liked the pic. We’ll have to wait until October to know what is what but with Flashpoint plotline, there is a good chance we will see Jesse Quick as a superhero in the show.