Game of Thrones Season 7 News, Daenerys to Visit an Important Venue

With the ending of Season 5, we all have arrived at that stage where we said “oh, thanks, no one can ruin Game of Thrones for me because there is no book saying what is gonna happen”, however, predictions were flying around and most of the 6th season was almost flawlessly predicted by the fans watching the locations where the show was shot.

That being said, with Season 7, things are getting much more mysterious as it has many more unknowns than the 6th – which makes things difficult to guess. That does not mean, there is nothing to be scanning the web for; here we go with some news and a theory.

According to the Watchers on the Wall, there is some movement and construction going on around the village of Corbet in Northern Ireland. Corbet has been used for most of the shootings regarding Riverrun during the last season.  This news is somewhat less important than the one you’ll read now; apparently Watchers on the Wall has a source close to the cast who told them Daenerys will visit the Dragonpit in King’s Landing the next season.

Now, people who have not read the books might not know what makes Dragonpit important. Dragonpit was a large structure on a hill in King’s Landing with a giant pit in the middle where the late Targaryens bred their dragons. Now, it is deserted and in ruins.

Why Daenerys will visit the venue is unknown but as you might already know, there have been some new shooting places scouted for the 7th season of Game of Thrones and among them is the Roman Ruins in Italica (Seville, Spain) which has a colloseum with a pit in the middle of it. This almost confirms Dany’s visit to the Dragonpit.