Two Characters to Meet in Game of Thrones Season 7

After the TV series passed beyond the point of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the fans have been crazily speculating about where the story will go and who will do what. There are a lot of decent theories about the clash between humans and the whitewalkers as well as who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 7.

Season 7 is destined to be the season where the ends will begin to be tied and storylines will converge, possibly for the fight against the whitewalkers.

As they have been doing for a long time now, Watchers on the Wall  web site is closely watching everything related to the show and giving fans clues about what might happen where. According to the web site, a reliable source Daenerys Targaryen will meet Ser Davos and Brienne of Tarth during a scene in season 7. This meeting will supposedly take place at the Dragonpit, the former house of dragons during the Targaryen rule. The Roman ruins of Italica in Santiponce, Spain will be the stage for the filming.

What we can derive from this is that an alliance might happen between Jon Snow and Daenerys, his aunt probably against the whitewalkers. Or this might just be a diplomatic mission but we seriously doubt that given the fact that whitewalkers already reached the wall and are an imminent threat. An alliance between these two characters would be much pleasing actually since they have been fan-favorites from day one and are on the side of good vs. evil  – when you think of Lannisters and Freys.

Game of Thrones  season 7 will return to HBO in summer of 2017 (Oh yeah, the wait is excruciatingly painful).