Batman to Start Filming in 2017

Ben Affleck‘s new Batman solo movie is going to hit the theatres after Wonder Woman and Justice League films in 2017. Affleck will direct and star in the movie as well as writing the script with Geoff Johns.

As an important detail about the movie, the villain just has been revealed. Deathstroke to be played by Joe Manganiello (True Blood) will be the villain in the solo Batman movie. Manganiello was asked about the role in a red carpet interview recently and he said he is “getting ready to shoot Batman movie in the spring.”

This coincides with the prediction of Warner Bros. Pictures CEO about Batman movie being 18 months out. Manganiello also stated that he had a health problem recently and recovered from it.

But what  does this mean for the release date of Batman solo movie? Considering most movies of DC had almost 2 years between the start of the filming date and its premiere, we might see Batman at theatres in November, 2019 if it does not fit into the previous untitled DC movie slot in DC’s schedule which is at October 2018.