MacGyver Ordered for a Full Season

Living up to the legacy of something is a curse on TV series. Take MacGyver for example, it was expected to live up to the legacy of the old one starring Richard Dean Anderson which was a pretty good show with an original idea compared to its contemporaries.

When the “new” MacGyver premiered on CBS, the reviews were not in favor of the show. That does not change the fact that the premiere did well though. The show managed to keep most of that audience and keeping a solid place.

CBS could not resist the interest and ordered a full season of the show. MacGyver, along with two other new shows Bull and Kevin Can Wait, got full season orders.

Although the full season order does not guarantee a show’s second season, it sure strengthens its hand and gives the production team ideas and chances to develop it according to a potential new season.

Will the show get a second season? This is entirely up to the performance of it but at least now it has the chance to do that. Moreover, it has a chance to prove itself as a new show with a different identity and win the hearts of the hardcore fans of the original show.