Don’t Breathe is a Must-watch and the New #1 of the Box Office

Suicide Squad has been on top of the box office for some good time now, but it is no more.

The horror movie Don’t Breathe is the new leader of the box office as it just made $26.1 million during its first three-day period. One of the reasons why Don’t Breathe made such an impact was  very positive reviews it got from the critics. When the past few years were examined in terms of commercial success, it is a fact that the end of August was commercially profitable for the horror movie genre and it was proven once again. Fede Alvarez‘s last movie Evil Dead has opened with $25.7  sıo we can say Don’t Breathe has even made a better entrance for him.

It is epxected for the movie to go stable at the box office since it was mentioned positively among the public. When it is conisdered the movie had a produciton budget of $9.9 million, we can also say ScreenGems will make a good amount of profit along with Alvarez who is becoming a fan favorite director of horror movies.

Suicide Squad which had its fourth weekend of $12.1 fell to the 2nd ranking although it had a good run during August – granted with limited competition. Suicide Squad is around  $282.8 million domestically right about now.