Flashpoint’s Effects May Be Stronger on the Flash

 The Flash  is finally returning. The torture will end on October 4th. The second season ended with a great episode in which Barry Alen and his friends defeated zoom but also Barry lost his father. This is what will trigger the Flashpoint, the storyline of the 3rd season.

 As all the fans will remember Barry Allen did something really drastic in the season finale after he lost his dad, he could not take it anymore and went back in time to prevent the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) from killing his mother. Barry Allen’s actions in this scene will be the trigger for the Flashpoint” comic story arc which will be played in an alternate timeline. Barry’s actions will proably effect the whole season or maybe even the series in the long run.

During an interview with EW, The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg kind of stated that the Flashpoint will effect more than the episodes that belong to the arc:

“It will be resolved, but there will be consequences that last throughout the season, and quite frankly, last throughout the series…That’s one of the things that we’re attempting to do is have the pitfalls of time travel be long-lasting and that some things can be fixed, and then some things are broken forever.”

Fans are nervous about the third season because time travel is not something you can play with. Let us hope that Berlanti and his team knows what they are doing, otherwise the Flashpoint may turn into a dissapointment.