The Flash Season 3 Casting Continues

A new villain just joined the Flash!  Barry Allen will fight another evil speedster in the 3rd season and that speedster is the Rival. The Rival will first appear in the Flash’s 3rd season premiere and will be played by Todd Lassance, the Australian actor known with his role in the Vampire Diaries as Julian.

Who is the Rival?

The Rival is a rival of Jay Garrick in the comic books which has gone mad because of staying too long in the speed force and started killing people all around the country.

If you do not already know, the Flash’s 3rd season will include a lot of new cast members including Tobin Bell as Dr. Alchemy, Ashley Rickards (Awkward) as the villain named the Top, Grey Damon as the Mirror Master and Tom Felton (Harry Potter) as a member of Central City PD CSI team. What fans are more curious than casting of all these characters is Savitar, a villain speedster with a cult and many followers in the comic books. Who will play Savitar in the Flash’s 3rd season has not been announced yet.

When will the Flash Season 3 premiere?

The Flash returns to the screens on October 4th, Tuesday on CW.