Patty Spivot Might Return to the Flash

With Barry Allen creating another timeline “Flashpoint”, things will be really interesting in season 3 of The Flash. There is another sure bet about the season that we will see many familir faces although probably in some different way or position. The newest poster is teasing “New Destinies. New Dangers,” which only indicates the limitless possibilities that Barry Allen could have caused.

From the very beginning, The Flash has been a show that underlines relationships and family and this new season might bring back some old flames in addition to villains and superheroes.

In an interview, Shantel VanSanten (playing the character of Patty Spivot in The Flash) was asked about a possible comeback of hers and she said “There’s a very strong possibility if everything works out.”

As The Flash fans may remember Patty Spivot has gone away to Midway city after having some intense connection with Barry on the show. Patty might very well make an appearance in the Flashpoint as in the comis books she actually does it. Patty becomes Hot Pursuit (Bart Allen, another superhero sidekick in the comic books) after stealing his suit and cosmic motorcycle. So it is flexible, The Flash writers can go to different directions with Patty Spivot’s return to the show. It sure as hell will be nice to watch her on The Flash again.