Toby Stephens to Lead Lost in Space Remake

Netflix is on the roll again. As you may have already know, Netflix has been creating the reboot of Lost in Space, the sci-fi drama movie. The network just found the lead for Lost in Space reboot it has been planning to produce. Lost in Space fans are also excited about who will play the role of extrophysicist/explorer John Robinson.

Deadline reported that Toby Stephens, best known for his role as Captain Flint in Black Sails , will play John Robinson. Maxwell Jenkins (Sense8) also joined the cast to play his youngest son, Will.

It will be a real change for Toby Stephens to jump from pirate ships to space shuttles but the actor already proved the diversity he can provide. What can we say, Netflix knows its stuff, that right there is a very good casting call. Fingers crossed for the remake of Lost in Space. To get the latest news on all your favorite show, we highly recommend you follow us on our social media accounts!