More News About The Flash – Power is the New Season’s Theme

The Flash is going to undergo a huge expansion in season 3. Barry Allen will try to fight against new villains and deal with Flashpoint  at the same time.

What might happen to Barry when he returns from the alternate timeline is a big question mark. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg just made the following statement to EW about addresses Barry and his powers in a world where Wally West and Jesse Quick will have superpowers:

“Barry still has powers. One of the themes of this season is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?”

 Why Kreisberg talks about power corrupting its owner is not clear; it might be about Barry Allen or another character with power. Barry Allen is a very likeable character on the show, so maybe he will have to use his superpowers in a selfish way this 3rd season (after season 2’s ending with a big selfish move).

Kreisberg might be mentioning the villains of season 3 on the other hand. The power might corrupt Savitar or Dr. Alchemy will stand out among the deep dive into Flash’s historical Rogues Gallery. As the comic book fans might know, Dr. Alchemy gained his powers when he discovered a philosopher’s stone while Savitar got his (speed) after having a terrible accident. Things are getting more exciting as we wait for The Flash’s season 3. Follow us on social media to get the updates daily!