Deadpool’s Deleted Scene Had an MCU Reference

Deadpool is one of the mega hits of 2016 without a doubt. The uniqueness of the protagonist superhero and how he makes fun of superheroes adds a very distinct taste to a movie. Breaking the fourth wall (which means the actor in the  scene actually addressing the audience – e.g. spectators at the movie theatre) is a feature of Deadpool franchise, and there were a few nods to Marvel Comics Universe in these breaks. It turns out there was more MCU references in the movie; a deleted scene actually had such a dialogue. It was reported that this scene revealed Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool had a shared location.

The scene would show the main villain Ajax released from the Raft, one of the most important locations in the Marvel Comics Universe right before he got involved in the events depicted in the movie.

In Captain America:Civil War, the Raft was used to house Captain America’s team of heroes trying to escape Iron Man’s team supported by the government .

The other nods in Deadpool for MCU included the battle scene in the movie taking place on a carrier that looks very similar to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier and a character identified as “Bob” – which is a reference to “Hydra Bob” in Marvel Comics.