Jurassic World 2 Won’t Have Jake Johnson

Since its premiere in 2015 Jurassic World movie made a big splash and is a pretty popular sci-fi production, now, with the expectations of a sequel. It has been a while since the sequel Jurassic World 2 was announced to arrive in 2018. The franchise will be a trilogy although the possible date for the third [...]

Tom Hardy to Play Al Capone

There are not that many American gangsters that are as infamous as Al Capone. The Chicago crime boss was a huge name from the Prohibition Era who won some hearts with his criticism on the government's anti-alcohol policy. The gangster was the name behind many hideous acts though and the government arrested him for tax evasion [...]

Rambo Remake is On The Way

When someone says Sylvester Stallone, without a doubt, one of the first things that come to mind is the Rambo franchise - the Rocky franchise being another one. The Rambo series featured 4 movies to the day with the last one bringing back the action hero for the new generation in 2008. Based on the 1972 [...]

Sherlock Holmes 3 Gathering Writers

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now thanks to his success in Marvel movies and Sherlock Holmes franchise. The next to movies in front of him are Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War but he is also working on other projects. One of those is the third movie of Sherlock [...]

Bryan Fuller Quits Star Trek: Discovery

Since CBS announced a reboot for the Star Trek franchise, the fans of the TV series and/or movies were quite anxious about how it is going to happen. Later, news broke out stating that Bryan Fuller will be the showrunner which, of course, eased the doubts in fans' minds. After all, he was a writer in Star [...]

Peter Jackson Starts Working on His New Movie

Young Adult fiction has been  a blast for Hollywood lately. With movies like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter becoming huge hits at the Box Office, the demand in YA movie has been increasing day by day. Some movies like Twilight, although they are not well received by critics that well, still managed to be [...]

Uncharted Movie Fast Tracked by Sony

Uncharted is surely one of those games which brought Play Station where it is today. With huge success over all the games in the series, it was a Play Station legend. That made it impossible to not to talk about a possible movie adaptation of course. With an Indiana Jones kind of feeling, the game is [...]

Margot Robbie Cast for Peter Rabbit

With her roles in important productions such as Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Legend of Tarzan, Margot Robbie is surely one of the rising actresses in Hollywood lately. Looks like the star does not want to rest a bit even although this time she will show some other talents of hers. [...]

Godzilla 2 Finally Finds Its Director

Finding the right director is the most important part of a movie. Without that, no matter how good your script is, things may not "click". One of those movies suffering from that was Godzilla 2 since it had a major setback after Gareth Edwards decided to not return for the 2nd movie. This seems to be [...]

Joss Whedon Is Working on a World War II Movie

Joss Whedon is an important name for popular culture. As the writer, the director or the producer of popular culture works, he made a name for himself, deservingly so. From Buffy to Vampire Slayer, to its spin-off Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse to The Avengers and its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Whedon wrote and directed many important productions [...]

Donald Glover Cast for Han Solo Movie

It was kind of (spoilers for the people who have not watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens) heartbreaking when Han Solo died in this years Star Wars movie. Lucas Film will not let him go so easily though. The new solo movie about Han "Solo" will be about the younger years of everbody's famous smuggler. [...]

Jennifer Lawrence to Star in Zelda Fitzgerald Movie

Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress with an Academy Award under her belt who is mostly known for her action movie roles, however, it seems like the actress wants much more than that. She now has two drama movies that are biopics in the line. One will be about Elizabeth Holmes (a bio-technology engineer who was [...]

Benedict Wong Confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War

Benedict Wong is one of those actors whose stars are on the rise lately. If you have watched even an episode of Marco Polo on Netflix, you will know what he is capable of. He stars as the legendary Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan in the series which released its 2nd season a few months ago. That being said, [...]

Avengers: Infinity War Will Feature Illuminati Characters

Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to a real breakthrough next month with the introduction of Doctor Strange. The fourteenth movie of MCU will bring magic and mysticism into the world of Marvel. Doctor Strange just premiered and from what we hear it is a real hit for Marvel. Journalists atetnding the premiere stated that the visuals and action [...]

Black Panther Casts Letitia Wright as Serita

Now that Marvel is in Phase 3 of its cinematic univers, the characters which have not made appareances before are coming to the light one by one. Not every superhero is so lucky to have an origin story filmed for him/her , however, Black Panther is definitely one of those Marvel cannot ignore. Marvel introduced both Spider-Man and Black [...]