Nick Tarabay Joins Pacific Rim: Maelstrom

The production works for Pacific Rim sequel Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is about to start which makes fans even more excited about the movie. That being said, more news started to come up about the movie. As you might already know, the first movie centers on Charlie Hunnam’s character Raleigh Becket abd Mako Mori’s character Rinko Kikuchi’s character fighting against deep-sea aliens in giant mechas called Jaegers with the help pf Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba).

Although there are not many news about the second movie yet, we know that John Boyega will be leading the movie playing Stacker Pentecost’s son and he recently spilled the official title of the movie; Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. The movie will be released in 2018 and it will probably start principal shooting next year.

Now, we have some other casting news for you. Variety reports that Spartacus star Nick Tarabay just joined the cast of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom although the details of his role is not specified yet. He has played Ashur in Spartacus as you might remember, a Klingon patrol officer in Star Trek: Into Darkness and a villain, Digger Harkness in Arrow season 3.