Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century

The start of the 21st century offered some of the best and most thought-provoking action sci-fi movies. The movie industry was thriving at the turn of the century and provided us with the best entertainment that we could get. 

Sci-fi is not as popular a genre as action or romantic comedy, which is why the success of a sci-fi movie is always a big deal. But when they paired action with sci-fi in the 21st century they ended up with some blockbuster hits,

We took a closer look at some of these movies. Up next we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best action sci-fi movies of the 21st century.

Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century
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Minority Report

Minority Report is set in a world where crime can now be averted with the help of a system that can predict the future. Tom Cruise stars in this action-packed sci-fi movie as his character is marked as a potential murderer by the system. 

He begins his quest to clear his name and runs into one of the seers that fuel the system that predicts the future.

This timeless classic offers some of the best action sequences and thought-provoking premise. The movie elevates movie aesthetics and has become a benchmark for upcoming sci-fi flicks.


Serenity follows a rag-tag crew of bandits and space cowboys led by their mischievous captain, Mal. The movie is a direct sequel to the one and done TV show Firefly. 

Named after the ship they reside in, Serenity often portrays itself as a sci-fi western but it also offers a lot of heart. The movie starts by giving us the lowdown on what the characters have been doing since the show’s cancellation.

Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century
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However, the movie starts to live up to its expectations when our crew discovers the conspiracy that the entire Alliance has hidden from the rest of the universe. 

What they did not expect is the key to unraveling all of the secrets is right within their own family. Many fans of the TV show clamored for a proper ending of the story as the series was abruptly canceled but was full of potential. 

The movie offered some of the best action sequences and the charm that only Joss Whedon can produce making it one of the best 21st-century movies of all time.


Annihilation stars Natalie Portman as a scientist whose husband suddenly returns after disappearing while investigating an area known as the Shimmer. 

Soon, Portman’s character, Lena leads a team of scientists into The Shimmer to understand what happened to her husband and his overall existence. 

She soon discovers that the Shimmer is home to human-like plant organisms and other mutated animals.

Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century
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What Does the Shimmer Mean?

As the group ventures into the Shimmer, they also discover that Lena’s husband has been replaced by an entity from the Shimmer and is now out into the real world.

Lena struggles to return but faces an entity that follows her every move. She bests the entity and makes it out of the Shimmer just in time for it to disappear.

However, as she visits her husband at a facility, the audiences are treated to a great ending where both of them have been replaced by entities from the Shimmer. 

The movie garnered a lot of rave reviews from both critics and audiences citing that the movie talks about depression and humanity’s affinity for self-destruction.


Inception is a tough pill to swallow for some. It is a mind-boggling sci fi action movie that stars Leonardo di Caprio as he leads a team into a reverse heist where he enters the mind of a corporate leader and plants a seed into his brain. 

However, things go awry as his demons start to unravel and could jeopardize the entire mission.

Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century
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Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception features some of the best action sequences and mind-bending visual effects. 

The movie plays a lot with its complex concept but ultimately delivers top-notch quality making it a must-watch sci-fi movie in the 21st century.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a somewhat sequel to the original Mad Max movies of the 70s. The movie follows the titular hero as he is caught up in a group of women on the run.

The women are on the run from a treacherous leader who wants to impregnate the women to continue his lineage. The film follows the same aesthetic as in the original films but doubles down on the action.

Check Out the Best Action Sci Fi Movies of the 21st Century
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Led by strong performances from Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the movie is elevated even further by the use of practical effects and an amazing soundtrack together with a brilliant supporting cast. 

The movie might feel like a long car chase scene from start to finish but there is more to Fury Road than just car chases and action sequences.


Movies from the 21st century, especially sci-fi ones, not only offer some of the best action scenes but the most thought-provoking premise. 

From doppelgangers to seers of the future, the best action sci fi movies often reflect our terrors, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. They also have us thinking about the issues of our time as we leave the theater (or our couch).