Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins Sci-fi Movie “Sovereign”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man of many talents and he has been displaying those talents pretty frequently in the recent years. He acted as a screenwriter, a director and of course an actor. He has been an actor of pretty decent performances as can be remembered form 500 Days of Summer and Inception.

Recently he played the lead in Oliver Stone movie Snowden and now he seems like he is open for new adventures for his career. The upcoming science fiction movie, Sovereign might be just that. He will play a character of an intergalactic traveler left alone in a space station.

Deadline reports that Sovereign will feature Gordon-Levitt as the lead in this drama to be produced by Munden and Throne, who are wuite good at creating dramas. This might just be another jump in Gordon-Levitt’s career which has been doing so well lately. There are no other news relating to Sovereign other than the lead and production team, however, we will keep you informed. Follow us on our social media accounts if you’d like to get updated on your favorite TV series and movies!