Steven R. McQueen Leaves Chicago Fire

During the last night’s episode Jimmy Borelli (the character played by Steven R. McQueen) was burned badly after he disobeyed an order from Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) which resulted in ending his career as a firefighter. Now, it is official that Steven R. McQueen will leave Chicago Fire.

The characters, Borelli and Boden have been having arguments since the last season mostly because Borelli blamed Boden for the death of his brother. It was stated by Michael Brandt, the executive producer, the feud between the two will result in one of them leaving the series. Seems like the fate of Borelli was decided by then as they could not Boden character leave.

Brand said “Eamonn [Walker] has been with us since Day 1. He was the first character we cast. He’s Papa Bear in Chicago. I think [executive producers] Derek [Haas], Matt [Olmstead], myself or Dick [Wolf] would all be fired before Eamonn would be. … He’s on the show as long as he wants to be.”

He also spoke about Steven R. McQueen:

The discussions with Steven were nothing but pleasant. He was a total professional about it,” Brandt told TVLine. “He understood, and I think he’s embracing the opportunity to go and be the No. 1 on his own show.