Tom Hardy to Play Al Capone

There are not that many American gangsters that are as infamous as Al Capone. The Chicago crime boss was a huge name from the Prohibition Era who won some hearts with his criticism on the government’s anti-alcohol policy.

The gangster was the name behind many hideous acts though and the government arrested him for tax evasion – the best they could do uınder the circumstances. Capone was sentenced with a punishment of 11 years while he only served 8. Later, as his disease, dementia, progressed and he died at a young age, 48 to be exact.

Since it is a popular subejct, Capone’s life has been depicted many times as adaptations to TV and the big screen. That being said, none of those productions was about his last days battling dementia. Director Josh Tank (Fantastic Four) is in to do the job with a star on his mind as the lead. That is no one other than Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road). According to the official description for the plot Hardy will play Capone at the times when “his past becomes present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.” We will bring you more updates as things progress with the new Al Capone movie named Fonzo.