Peter Jackson Starts Working on His New Movie

Young Adult fiction has been  a blast for Hollywood lately. With movies like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter becoming huge hits at the Box Office, the demand in YA movie has been increasing day by day. Some movies like Twilight, although they are not well received by critics that well, still managed to be huge hits for viewers. Seems like Hollywood’s thirst for YA movies will not be quenched any time soon and the latest reports involve the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson and a YA movie.

Jackson just announced on Facebook that he will start working on Mortal Engines, one of Philip Reeve’s books. Jackson will be adapting the book to the movie to be produced by WingNut Films. The script will be written by Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens and Peter Jackson while Christian Rivers will be at the director’s seat. The filming will start in March 2017.

Mortal Engines is the first of 4 books by Philip Reeve’s series with the same title. The book is set it the post-apocalyptic world where natural anomalies like volcanoes and earthquakes became very frequent and vehicles were invented to survie this world. The release date for Mortal Engines was not released yet but we will inform you as soon as it is, follow us on Facebook!