Benedict Wong Confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War

Benedict Wong is one of those actors whose stars are on the rise lately. If you have watched even an episode of Marco Polo on Netflix, you will know what he is capable of. He stars as the legendary Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan in the series which released its 2nd season a few months ago.

That being said, the upcoming Doctor Strange movie will also help his career a lot. From what we heard, the folks who watched the movie during its premiere, liked it very much and had a lot of good things to say and Benedict Wong is a part of it, as you may very well know.

The last time we have seen the Avengers, they have disbanded in Captain America: Civil War but the new Avengers movie Avengers: Infinity War will bring them back together. That will not be all, though, the Guardians of the Earth will also be there to stop Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Now, Benedict Cumberbatch (to play Doctor Strange) was already confirmed to be in that movie, however, ther was not any news on the rest of the cast to be included to Avengers: Infinity War. Wong just stated to Comicbook web site that he was pleased to say that he would be in the movie, here’s his statement:

Well it’s where both of them go now from there, from this launchpad into this multiverse, and it’s, ya know, I think we really grab you by both hands and drag you through this because it’s a visual feast for the eyes as you know and it’s definitely, it is something that you’ve got to go back and have a look at again, and I’m really looking forward to how it unfolds now.