Firewatch is Becoming a Movie

Firewatch was not the most amazing game that came out this year, however, for an indie game without much action it did perform pretty well. For the uninformed, the game is about exploring the great outdoors, the woods more specifically when talking to a mystery woman on the other side of your walkie-talkie. Campo Santo, [...]

Nicholas Hoult to Play Tesla in The Current War

Two upcoming moviews will be focusing on the rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, two inventors who brought electricity into our lives. Black Bear Pictures is producing The Last Days of Night, a movie focusing on the patent battle between the inventors while The Weinstein Company's movie The Current War will focus on the personalities of [...]

Gears of War Becoming a Movie

Turning video games into movies was never done with much success, however, studios do not give up on that yet and it is only a matter of time they will succeed considering improving CGI work which comes at cheaper costs by the day. This year the story of World of Warcraft was adapted to the big screen [...]

Westworld Premiere Had the Highest Ratings for HBO Since True Detective

HBO's new sci-fi TV series, Westworld is a fruit of real hard work indeed. The show was ordered to pilot in 2013 but had many delays after that with it being planned to premiere last year as the final decision. This kind of thing usually ends up with the product ending up not as well as desired, [...]

Mel Gibson’s Next Movie is On the Way

This year could be counted as a good year for cinema as it gave us back Mel Gibson as a director and an actor. The actor came back with the summer hit Blood Father and more importantly, it seems like the actor will keep going on in terms of acting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel [...]

James Bond Producers Deny Rumors about Replacing Daniel Craig

The actor to play James Bond in the next movie was a matter of much discussion lately with rumors stating that the studio will have to replace Daniel Craig as he does not want to participate in the franchise any more. There have been many names mentioned to replace Daniel Craig but these rumors are [...]

War for the Planet of the Apes Synopsis Released

There is only a year left before the next Planet of the Apes movie: War for the Planet of the Apes and while some casting works have been done, it has been a few months anything about the sequel was revealed. That was until today, now we have a synopsis released to let us know [...]

Johny Depp and Other Important Names Joined Murder on the Orient Express Remake

Murder on the Orient Express remake production team was in talks with Angelina Jolie, however, the star passed on the role ending in a setback for the whole production schedule. But the movie came back strong. It has been reported that Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer joined the cast. These two names were rumored at first but the confirmation [...]

Here is Angelina Jolie’s Next Movie

Angelina Jolie is being the matter of many discussions nowadays since she got recently divorced from her husband Brad Pitt. The duo was loved by many fans, yes, but being married to Brad Pitt was not what made Jolie a star. She seems like she is back on track with her acting career, so kudoz to her. Recently, [...]

The CW is Doing a Dynasty Remake

According to TVGuide, The CW is working on a Dynasty remake. "What is Dynasty?" you may ask. Dynasty is a soapy drama from the 80s. Josh Scwartz (O.C) and Stephanie Savage will be devloping the series. These two worked together on Gossip Girl before. Original Dynasty creators Richard and Esther Shapiro will be working with them while Sallie Patrick (Revenge) [...]

The Purge is Becoming a TV Show

The Purge was an eccentric and really different movie by James DeMonaco. The 2013 horror movie tried to answer the question "What would American people do if any kind of crime was legal to commit for 12 hours?". With stars like Ethan Hawke and Lena Headery, The Purge takes place in dystopian future where the government of [...]

Netflix Grabs the New Duncan Jones Movie: Mute

If you are a gamer you will know about Warcraft games and you probably watched Warcraft movie this summer. The movie got some mixed reactions from the fans, some loved it some did not think it was not worth their time. Duncan Jones was the director behind that movie. Jones has become a little more popular with [...]

Portal Movie “May Come Soon” J.J. Abrams Says

If you are into gaming there is a pretty good chance you know about the puzzle game by Valve Corporation named Portal. It turns out Portal might get a movie and it might be very soon, indeed. The official announcement is just a matter of time. IGN reports that  J.J. Abrams was asked at the world [...]

Michael Shannon Joins The Current War Cast

Historical dramas has an evergreen popularity as a movie genre. This provides the studios with chances to use the history whenever and however they want. Some use it to produce biographical motion pictures while some do war movies. In this case, the movie we will discuss is about Thomas Edison who developed electric lght bulb, phonograph and the motion picture [...]

Scarface Remake is On the Way – Now with a Good Script Writer

The Magnificent Seven is doing well at the box office which lets director Antoine Fuqua to concentrate on his Scarface remake project in a better way. The remake will be focusing on the life of a Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles. Although there is no casting news about the remake, the script writer was just assigned. Fans will like [...]