Mel Gibson’s Next Movie is On the Way

This year could be counted as a good year for cinema as it gave us back Mel Gibson as a director and an actor. The actor came back with the summer hit Blood Father and more importantly, it seems like the actor will keep going on in terms of acting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel Gibson will be starring in a movie named Every Other Weekend as a CIA agent whose son and grandson will be in Paris having a vacation with his son actually making the grandson believe that he also is in CIA.

Being able to do action combined with comedy is one of Mel Gibson’s strengths as an actor and he surely will be kicking ass in this movie if he is cast for the role. As we already saw from Blood Father this summer he’s got a lot of action left in him. Fingers crossed for Every Other Weekend and Mel Gibson! Follow us on any of our social media account to get the daily updates!