James Bond Producers Deny Rumors about Replacing Daniel Craig

The actor to play James Bond in the next movie was a matter of much discussion lately with rumors stating that the studio will have to replace Daniel Craig as he does not want to participate in the franchise any more.

There have been many names mentioned to replace Daniel Craig but these rumors are simply way too far away from the truth. The producers want Daniel Craig to continue and that is the end of it.

As you might already know, after the release of Spectre last year, Daniel Craig openly stated that he did not want to play James Bond ever again. In fact, he went too far and said he would rather slash his wrists than to play Agent 007. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Callum McDougall said Daniel Craig was still the “first choice” of the chief producers of the James Bond franchise, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

There is also the fact that MGM offering Daniel Craig a huge load of money to appear on the big screen as James Bond twice more. That might be a reason to seduce him back, who knows. All in all, we would like to see Craig back as he rocked in the role, it will be interesting to see who will replace him if he does not come back.