Here is Angelina Jolie’s Next Movie

Angelina Jolie is being the matter of many discussions nowadays since she got recently divorced from her husband Brad Pitt. The duo was loved by many fans, yes, but being married to Brad Pitt was not what made Jolie a star. She seems like she is back on track with her acting career, so kudoz to her.

Recently, Jolie’s name was mentioned in relation with Murder on the Orient Express, however, she wanted to pass on that reboot. She is getting a lot of attention though. RUmor has it that she will be joining Tristar’s next movie, Shoot Like a Girl.

According to Deadline, Jolie is discussing the possibility of a lead role for the adaptation of the book Shoot Like a Girl: One Woman’s Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front. You might say “I never heard of anyone reading that”. Well, that is because the book is not published yet 🙂 It is the memoir of Air Force Major Mary Jennings Hegar, the lead role Jolie is going to be playing we presume. Major Hegar served three tours in Afghanistan as the pilot of a search-and-rescue helicopter. She was shot down once and even though she was shot, she saved her crew and the three soldiers for which the original rescue mission was set. That gave her a Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor. But that is not the only subject of the book. Hegar sued the Department of Defense for its policey on Ground Combat Exclusion. This policy prevents women from serving in combat. Her relentless work ended in the policy being repealed. The movie’s script was written by Frank Baldwin and the studio is trying to close the deal with Angelina Jolie now. As soon as that happens a director will be sought.

This movie is going to be just awesome as action movies are actually Angelina Jolie’s thing, where she shines the most. Keep updated by following us on Twitter!