Lexa Doig Joins Arrow as Talia Al Ghul

Arrow is having its 5th season on The CW and it would only be fair to say that the show is becoming something better, at least better than the two previous seasons. We have all seen Oliver Queen in many adventures until now and some them involved the Al Ghul family. We have met Ra's [...]

Juliana Harkavy Joins Arrow

A change for Arrow was way overdue since the show has been losing audience for a long long time now. The fall started with season 3 and peaked with season 4 not being able to provide a bad enough villain and many other factors. That being said, things seem to be going better with season 5 [...]

Deadshot is Coming Back to Arrow

The fans of Arrow know it very well that the show was gathering a Suicide Squad of its own including Floyd Lawton and Harley Quinn was going to be introduced at a later date. This was the original plan. However, DC interrupted the process and the plans for expanding Suicide Squad was cut short which also [...]

Wild Dog to Appear in the DC 4-show Crossover Event

With the start of season 5, Arrow TV series is undergoing a huge change. The overhaul is mostly about the structure of Oliver Queen's vigilante team. Oliver was left with only Felicity from the original team with Laurel Lance dying, Diggle and Speedy quitting the team. With the realization of the fact that he cannot [...]

Arrow Bringing Back a Dead Character in the 5th season

The CW's Arrow will be celebrating its 100th episode in the fall season. Arrow was what laid the basis for the current CW Dc Universe. It will be a wrothy celebration as it seems, probably with some plot twists, drama and family reunion. Producer Marc Guggenheim just teased the fans about a dead character being brought back. [...]

Mr. Terrific, Artemis and More Characters Are Coming to Arrow in Season 5

DC Comics universe on TV is getting bigger by the day. It is no surprise when a new character comes out of the blue to join The CW's busy schedule of DC Comics superhero extravaganza which covers 4 out of 5 work days of a week. It was Arrow that changed the superhero aspect of TV with [...]

Will Deathstroke Ever Appear on Arrow Again?

We all know how Marvel's TV productions are connected to their movie productions or at least somewhat in harmony with them. This, however, is something that DC does not want to apply. In accordance with their agreement with Warner Bros, DC might put some limitations to its characters showing up on TV. It is difficult for [...]

Stephen Amell to Play a 3rd Version of Olive Queen

Oliver Queen and his dilemma about being two persons at a time has always been focus of the CW's Arrow (at least partially) and we all have to admit it, at times, it really bugged a lot of people out. "Will he do that ?"  "Oh, no he is not killing now, he painted himself green". If you ask [...]

Arrow’s Season 5 Still Shows the New Villain, Prometheus

Arrow has been a subject of speculation for a long time now and things have not been going well for the show to be perfectly honest. Screenwriting started to seem weaker in the 4th season, things got cofused, villains got weak while even Neil Mcdonough's solid performance as Damien Darhk could not save the show. Complaints were made [...]