Deadshot is Coming Back to Arrow

The fans of Arrow know it very well that the show was gathering a Suicide Squad of its own including Floyd Lawton and Harley Quinn was going to be introduced at a later date. This was the original plan. However, DC interrupted the process and the plans for expanding Suicide Squad was cut short which also ended up Floyd Lawton being killled in the middle of season three.

Today, DC does not seem to have Supergirl having its own version of Superman which makes it possible for a potential Suicide Squad to actually show up in Arrow this time. Now, this might be because of Barry Allen’s Flashpoint actions but one of the characters from Arrow’s Suicide Squad will be coming back to the show this week.

According to Green Arrow TV web site, Michael Rowe will be returning to Arrow as Deadshot in this week episode. There is a good chance that this might be thanks to Barry Allen screwing with timelines.

When Lawton was killed, he was actually a fan-favourite character in the show and that caused a negative reaction from the show’s fan base. Bringing him back might be taken as a sign that Arrow is returning to its original shape.