Juliana Harkavy Joins Arrow

A change for Arrow was way overdue since the show has been losing audience for a long long time now. The fall started with season 3 and peaked with season 4 not being able to provide a bad enough villain and many other factors. That being said, things seem to be going better with season 5 and a change is already initiated with Oliver Queen replacing his team and adding new characters to the cast like Rag Man, Wild Dog and Artemis. The villain part is still lacking big time in my opinion since Tobias Church is nothing but a thug with a few team members. Prometheus might do it though it is early to talk about him.

The change in Arrow’s cast seems like it will go on for a while as we have just learned that another actress just joined the team. This time it is not a vigilantie or a member for Oliver Queen’s team but a law enforcement officer.

According to the report of Variety, Juliana Harkavy, the actress we know from The Walking dead as one of the governor’s soldiers, joined the cast and she will be playing Tina Bloand, a fierce detective. Tina Boland is a detective who moved to Star City from Central City and who is described as “brash but tactful”. According to the description, she will not get along with the vigilantie tactics of Green Arrow, Artemis, Wild Dog, Ragman and Mr. Terrific. It is also noted that Boland will be appearing in the second half of the fifth season.