Johnny Depp Joins Fantastic Beasts Sequel Cast

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of the most anticipated movies of this fall together with Doctor Strange from Marvel Studios. The film is a prequel to J.K. Rowling Harry Potter novel series and is considered a spin-off movie in that sense. Now that the first movie is done, the works for the second movie is about to start. The script for the second movie will also be written by Rowling and directed by David Yates.

There are rumors suggesting five Fantastic Beasts movies will be written by Rowling and it seems reasonable that at least a sequel will be happening considering the box office expectations regarding this first movie.

There are not that many news regarding Fantastic Beasts sequel, however, now we learned that an A-lister actor has joined the cast already strengthening it. It is no one other than Johnny Depp.

According to Deadline, Johnny Depp will be playing a co-star role in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts movie but there are not many details revealed regarding his role e.g. who he will be playing. Deadline also reports that the actor might make a cameo in the first movie to let fan know that who he would be for the second movie.