Wild Dog to Appear in the DC 4-show Crossover Event

With the start of season 5, Arrow TV series is undergoing a huge change. The overhaul is mostly about the structure of Oliver Queen’s vigilante team. Oliver was left with only Felicity from the original team with Laurel Lance dying, Diggle and Speedy quitting the team. With the realization of the fact that he cannot do this alone, thanks in part to Felicity’s suggestions, Oliver decides to gather a team including the new Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific (Curtis as we knew him before).

The new team just started their training and orientation and the Green Arrow is not soft on them while training them to fight.

As you may already know, this season will also be the stage for a 4-show DC TV crossover event including Arrow, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The actor Rick Gonzales (who plays Wild Dog in Arrow) had an interview with Comic Book recently and revealed that he will feature in the 3-hour crossover event. Here is hsi statement:

“What I can say is that Wild Dog will be in the crossover, and he has a huge dislike for metahumans. So we’ll definitely see him not exactly rub well with The Flash and Supergirl and that’s just another glimpse into his psyche and his ideas and thinking about the world and the idea that there are people out there who have these sort of powers and who they are. Instead of saying ‘Wow, these people can do these things,’ he says, ‘no, I don’t like you because this is what you bring to the table. This is what you represent to me.’”