Arrow Bringing Back a Dead Character in the 5th season

The CW’s Arrow will be celebrating its 100th episode in the fall season. Arrow was what laid the basis for the current CW Dc Universe. It will be a wrothy celebration as it seems, probably with some plot twists, drama and family reunion. Producer Marc Guggenheim just teased the fans about a dead character being brought back.

Guggenheim just tweeted a pic of actors playing some of the main characters of the show doing a table read as well as one that played a dead character. That person was Jamey Sheridan who played Oliver’s long-dead father Robert Queen.

As you fans already know, Robert Queen died while trying to save Oliver’s life right at the beginning, in the series premiere.

Theories started flying over but Guggenheim was one step forward to prevent fans from going crazy. He noted in his tweet “No flashbacks, no Flashpoint” indicating that this is not some alternate version of Robert Queen created by Barry Allen’s doings or some memory that Oliver will remember during the 5th season. One of the main guesses right now is that Robert Queen might be Earth-2’s Robert Queen where he may also be the Green Arrow.

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