Friday the 13th and The Ring Sequels Are Delayed

It has been 8 years since the last Friday the 13th movie and we missed Jason Voorhees in the hockery mask to tell the truth. It is franchise that will always have some hardcore fans that would watch anything related to it.

We have some bad news here for the fans though, it has been just reported that the next movie of the franchise was delayed once again. Paramount announced that the next movie will be seen in theatres in January 2017 while now it is delayed to October 2017. Paramount will also push the latest movie in The Ring series, Rings. The movie will be released in January 2017 instead of this October.

It is a better decision in terms of marketing, because this way the next Friday 13th movie will coincide with the Halloween season. All in all we are still excited about both the next Friday the 13th movie and The Ring sequel as both franchises have proven themselves. Follow us on social media to get updated on all your TV shows and movies!