Stephen Amell to Play a 3rd Version of Olive Queen

Oliver Queen and his dilemma about being two persons at a time has always been focus of the CW’s Arrow (at least partially) and we all have to admit it, at times, it really bugged a lot of people out. “Will he do that ?”  “Oh, no he is not killing now, he painted himself green”. If you ask me, his dilemma is a little bit overused in the story.

To make us understand what made Oliver Queen what he is today, Arrow used a lot of flashbacks for 4 seasons. Flashbacks also kind of became boring at times and right when we think they are over, well, they are not. Now, in season 5, the show will go back to Oliver’s past, particularly his time when he was involded with the Bratva and fighting against the Russian mob.

We were kind of OK with the two versions and only just got used to it but Stephen Amell, after shooting the 9th episode of the series, tweeted “Wrapped episode 97 last nightMost times I get to play two versions of Oliver. This time? Three.” indicating viewers will have a chance to see a 3rd version of Oliver. What he meant by that is not clear, however, it might be about Oliver being seen in a different timeline or using another superhero costume or something like that.

The “two versions” of Oliver that Amell is referring to could be present and past Oliver, or it could be Oliver in costume as Arrow vs. Oliver out of costume as himself. The two possible interpretations leads to two different conclusions: the first one being that we will see Oliver in a different time period, the second being that we will see him in a different costume than his usual civilian or superhero attire. Then again there is the chance of  Flashpoint timeline in The Flash’s 3rd season affecting the reality for Oliver and causing a 3rd version to emerge.

Arrow returns to the CW next month with the new villain Prometheus, Human Target (Wil Traval) and Dolph Lundgren in the Russian mob boss role.