Superman Prequel Krypton Casts a Lead Role

Superhero television is getting more popular by the minute these days. Gotham, a prequel to Batman is about to start its 3rd season while Supergirl unites with other 3 superhero shows of the CW and Marvel expanding the net of its superhero shows on Netflix and ABC. Another superhero-related TV series coming to TV is Krypton, a prequel to Superman’s story about his planet.

The series will be created by David Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman versus Superman and Da Vinci’s Demons)and take place in the world of Krypton  two generations betore Clark Kent (Kal-El) was born and sent to our world. The plotline will focus on the political struggle between the Zods and El family.

Apparently Syfy made their first casting about the shows characters – the descriptions of which were released a while back. Georgina Campbell will be starring as Lyta Zod. The British actress has won a BAFTA award for Best Actress for her role in Murdered by My Boyfriend of BBC in 2015.

Lyta Zod is a cadet in the military of Krypton and her father, Alura Zod, is a Ganeral. Lyta is not happy with her place and secretly in love with someone from the El family, Seg.  Probably, the series will focus on this romance as Campbell is cast as a lead role, however, it is not certain there will be much more to it considering we all know about the planet Krypton’s fate. Add that to the fact that there actually will not be any superheroes and superpowers, things might not go as expected. However, this is David Goyer, so it has to be given a chance. Time will tell.