Scoot McNairy Joins Fargo Season 3

Fargo’s third season will start filming through the end of 2016. Ewan McGregor was cast as twins Emmit and Ray Stussy. Both seasons of Fargo did a very good job as a show that mixes black humor and violence really well, hence the renewal for the 3rd season.

Up until this moment only a little info was released to public about the show. Casting news included  Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as Gloria, chief of Eden Valley Police and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (BrainDead) as Nikki Swango, a Bridge player who is also a recent parolee. There are rumors season will focus on selfie obssession in today’s culture.

The latest casting news has us evne more excited about the third season. Scoot McNairy, Halt and Catch Fire’s Gordon Clarke joined the cast for the 3rd season. This is a great addition to already solid cast and it looks like Fargo will keep its quality no matter how long it goes on to exist in the world of television.