Gotham Producer Hints at Joker and Poison Ivy

Gotham’s season 3 is almost here and the excitement climbs by the day. What will happen to Jim Gordon? What will Mad Hatter do (as you might already know the show’s thirds season is titled “Mad City”) ? Who really is Bruce Wayne’s doppelganger?

Ther eis another big question that we need the answer for, though. Who is The Joker? Is it really Jerome?Fans argued that Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) could be a younger version of Joker. When Jerome was actually killed live on TV, this theory was kind of crossed of. However, at the end of season 2, when a bus full of Hugo Strange’s creatures was emptied out on the street, there was a laugh that sounded a lot like Jerome.

In interview he made with SlashFilm, Ken Woodruff, Gotham’s producer not only confirmed Jerome will be in season 3 but also stated that he may very well be The Joker:

“Exactly. Jerome was always supposed to be the inspiration for The Joker. Maybe he’ll go through an evolution that’ll end up becoming the actual Joker that we all know. The whole idea was that he was supposed to be the inspiration for it.”

Woodruff talked about the new version of Poison Ivy also. Maggie Geha will be playing Poison Ivy from now on since she will become a more important part of the whole story. Here are his words on Poison Ivy:

“What we really wanted to accomplish, for me especially and for some of us in the room, one of the core elements that Poison Ivy brought, one of her core powers was this ability to seduce. It felt like it was more easily accomplished with the sort of aged up, older Ivy and it wouldn’t be off putting. It was just one of those skills that we were like it was an opportunity we were missing out on. Not only does she change when she comes back physically, but mentally she’s much, much further down the line in terms of getting close to the canon Poison Ivy that we all know.”

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