“It Seems Early for Batman to Show Up in Gotham “

We all know that Gotham started as a TV show that would tell about the background of Batman’s and Gotham’s story, however, showrunners kind of ran to a different direction after some point. They played for the the favorites, which was a good decision to tell the truth. What once was to be only about Gotham City and its history, later changed to be a show that used its strengths, like fan favorite characters, one of which was young Bruce Wayne played real nicely by David Mazouz.

Now, there are talks of the Dark Knight to be seen in Gotham at least in some way. However, Mazouz thinks the chances of we seeing Batman in action in Gotham is very small for one reason only: the city does not need  Batman as of now.

The third season will have Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and Bruce Wayne getting closer while Bruce Wayne will try to deal with his doppelganger and things will get even crazier. Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred Pennyworth in the show, told Collider about that:

“That’s the point of the show. We’re descending into hell and it’s going to get a lot worse, for a lot longer, before Batman has an excuse to draw breath and to rise from the ashes and stand up for the little man and the good man. It’s going to get worse. Things are pretty bad, and we really do need some help. The numbers of the good guys are thinning. Jim Gordon’s wheels have fallen off and he’s gone man. We literally just have Lucius Fox, young master Bruce and Alfred, pitted against the world.”

David Mazouz stated his opinion on Batman making an appearance in the show as follows:

“Batman can’t exist until he’s necessary, and he’s not necessary yet. The world of Gotham has to get a lot worse, which it will… That’s the show. It really is the story of how a city goes from being okay to just being an absolute mess, and there needs to be a Batman to save it.”

It certainly will be an interesting season to watch now that things are settling in finally with the show.