Game of Thrones Theories: Gendry to Return and Forge Valyrian Steel

Actors being in the same city of a TV show they previously played in does not necessarily mean that they are returning, however, this was the deal when fans spotted the actors who played the Hound, Osha and Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones although all three of them denied their participation in season 6.

Another name the fans spotted a week ago was Joe Dempsie, the actor who plays Gendry, the late King Robert Baratheon’s son. The last time we saw him he was rowing a boat away from Melisandre and her dirty tricks to win the war, the royal blood sacrifice to be exact.

Why Gendry might be important for season 7 is a question about his skills rather than his royal blood as (we assume) Baratheons are very very weak to fight against anyone right about now.

As you might very well remember Gendry was a blacksmith’s apprentice when Ned Stark found him. He was not the apprentice of a usual blacksmith either. He was the apprentice of Tobho Mott, one of the few blacksmiths left who knew how to forge Valyrian steel. With the Whitewalkers coming down real fast now that they will be able to breach the Wall, many parties including the Brotherhood Without Banners, the Night’s Watch and all the armies of Westeros would be needing that blacksmithing skills Gendry might provide.

Samwell Tarly and Gendry to work together? 

There is one fact that might not be a coincide at all. Samwell Tarly recently arrived in Old Town while Gendry was rowing towards Old Town the last time we saw him.

If you are following everything Game of Thrones related closely, you will know it has been teased that Samwell Tarly will be an important character for the whole story which can mean only one thing at this point; through some magic and/or chemistry formula he will discover, Sam will be of great help in  defeating the Whitewalkers or at the very least defending the realm from them. That being said, it might very well be about forging Valyrian steel weapons.

Sam does not know it yet but the dragon steel he read stuff about while he was in the Night’s Watch is actually Valyrian steel. Let us remember here; Sam already knows that dragon glass can kill a whitewalker as he actually killed one using dragon glass. When Sam realizes that he might research how to forge it and he will need a blacksmith that can actually forge Valyrian steel. That might be where Gendry comes in and the two work together to arm the people of Westeros against the Whitewalkers.

Season 7 is already being filmed while casting calls also started. Game of Thrones returns with its seventh season in summer 2017.