Punisher Might Return Before the Solo TV Series

Although many actors in many different productions played The Punisher, without a doubt, the best performance was The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal. the character was introduced in season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix making Punisher immediately a fan-favorite character. The scharacter was so popular in fact Netflix had to order a solo series for Bernthal’s Punisher.

There have been confusing reports about the premiere time of the show, some reports said it would start in 2018 while some others said 2017 would be when we will see Frank Castle in action again. There are some news that make it a bit clear about when we will see him, though.

New York Comic-Con just tweeted and said “Due to his Netflix production schedule” Bernthal will not be a part of the convention as it was announced before and only will be meeting the fans on Saturday and Sunday. The original tweet is as follows.

Due to his Netflix production schedule, @jonnybernthal will only be at #NYCC on Saturday and Sunday. More info:https://t.co/uMrzkxxJWM pic.twitter.com/Ro6nMfqvry

— New York Comic Con (@NY_Comic_Con) September 21, 2016

We are well aware that Iron Fist is being filmed by Netflix  now and it will be followed by The Defenders. This begs the questions will Punisher somehow be involved in Danny Rand’s story or is this about him being The Defenders?

The other very weak possibility is Marvel is filming The Punisher now and the show will premiere (probably) after Iron Fist and The Defendes which will be the first time Marvel released 3 seasons of its productions in one calendar year. Fingers crossed for a 2017 premiere for The Punisher, cos Jon Bernthal truly rocks the character !