The Walking Dead Will Not End the Same with the Comic Books

What will happen to The Walking Dead a few years from now? How will it end? Will it stick to the comic books (which have been being published since 2003)?

The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has stated his opinion about the show a few times during the recent years. The comic book writer already knows how he will end the story in the comics and he already stated openly that the books would end differently than the show while adding he would want the show to go on as long as possible.

Kirkman has it planned in his head about how and where he wants to leave the characters at the end of his story. He also noted that the comic books  would last more longer than the TV series since he wanted to wrap up the story of The Walking Dead his way.


Fans of the franchise already knows that the comic books and the TV show are two different things and that there  are difference between storylines such as some characters who died or kept alive in the TV series. We do have utmost respect for Kirkman as he is the one behind all this greatness and he deserves to end the story on his terms.