Aquarius Canceled, No Season 3

David Duchovny is surely an actor who always gives good performances on TV. With the huge legacy of his X-files run, he did a very good job on Californication before moving on to Aquarius. Aquarius was also a decent show, but it just did not happen.

Aquarius was a show about 1960s and the notorious cult leader Charles Manson (with a fictional version of the perosn in question). Duchovny played Detective Sam Hodiak, an LAPD detective who did what he liked to get results, even broke the law many times. Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon, Game of Thrones) played Manson, the charismatic leader of the cult.

Aquarius was not only about Manson and his gang, though. It also tried to express the societal pressure and conflicts in 1960s. What Manson did was used as a means to pull the audience inside the conflict. Sadly, it just could not get what it deserved and ratings were low. NBC just announced they canceled the show after two seasons.